All About Kennedy

HELLO! My name is Kennedy Stepp and I created this page because I have a lot to say. I’m 18 years old and I’ve grown up in a household that, like most, conforms to gender roles and stereotypes. My whole life I was told by parents that I couldn’t do certain things or have certain freedoms that my brother could, just because I was “their little girl.” Sounds endearing right? Well it’s not. It’s insulting, oppressive, and preserves a long standing tradition of sexism in America. My entire life I’ve been fighting, by myself, to change the minds and hearts of my family. To make them realize that my vagina doesn’t make me any less powerful than my brother or any less deserving of the treatment my brother got. Through this constant battle, I grew an appreciation for women because I realized I was not alone. I stood and still stand with a group of women who never shy away from a fight to protect their freedoms. I AM A FEMINIST. It courses through my veins just as heavily as my blood. My mom always taught me to stand up for what I believe in and to NEVER be silent on the things that matter to me. The mistreatment and inequality that women face on a daily basis matters to me, and I REFUSE to be silent. Feminism will be the focus of this blog page but I will also have several posts about the mistreatment and inequality that Black people face on a daily basis.

My mom actually came up with the name “Kentroversy.” It is pretty fitting. If you are not sure what it means, it is a play on the word “controversy.” I know I have a different perspective on a lot of controversial things that happen in America and all around the world. A perspective that if shared, could change a lot of minds and help people to understand one another. So basically “Kentroversy” means a look at some of the world’s most controversial topics through Kennedy’s eyes. At the route of inequality, is just a lack of understanding each other. That is what I hope this page helps to do. I am not here to attack anyone; I am here to be the voice that so many feel they don’t have.